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The mission of the company

Development policy of the company aimed at providing quality services. Center hire a "Coach" brings a new wave in the market. We have in our Park the last car model: city class , which combines many advantages: reliability, security, mobility, and a distinctive feature is the efficiency.
Passenger services are provided by professional drivers in modern vans. Comfort - this is our feature, which is appreciated by our clients. After all, we have different brands of vans, pick up, depending on itinerary, purpose, status, etc.
With the development of the car rental in Russian Federation, we expanded the fleet of vehicles for hire. It's a water - jet skis, boats; this motor-transport, and winter modes of transport - snowmobiles. We are trying to relieve you from the worries of maintenance and transportation services, and we value your time.
As the leading company in Moscow, we have a great responsibility. The quality and reliability of our services guarantee the success of our clients.


Interview with the technical Manager Sergey Kozlov

Today "Coach" is one of the leading companies in the market of transport services in the Moscow region. The company is a center of rental cars, provides car rentals with driver, and provides rental tourist transport.
Our company has always prioritized the comfort of the client. What is it? This is most likely the trouble free operation of all units of the car. To always vehicle worked "like a clock", did not take away time from our client. To do this, we work hard, carry out the planned maintenance, and unplanned, so we were confident in the health of our Park. Also these events are for driver safety. We have a low accident rate reduced to a rate of 1.37. Daily inspection of all vehicles at the site. The Park is constantly being updated is the key to success. Unacceptable for us to work with the old car Park.
In Russia all conditions for full technical support of vehicles in the shortest possible time. This development is due primarily to the arrival of investors in automotive corporations.


The company's goal

The structure of the company "the Carriage" built so that you are contacting us, were able to get the full range of services related to the transportation of passengers.
We work in three areas: rental passenger cars, passenger carriage with driver, rent of transport for tourism and recreation.